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It’s graduation day for Lucid’s inaugural intake of their Futures Academy

Lucid’s Futures Academy programme has come to an end for its inaugural set of graduates. The programme itself kick-started with an intensive 8-week training course back in October last year - covering everything from the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory environment to account management, medical writing and brand planning.  The graduates then moved into two different placements for the rest of the year, allowing them to experience one or both sides of the business – medical writing and account handling.

The Futures Academy programme is a true reflection of the human-centric and pioneering spirit of the Lucid Group – individuals and teams working together to  help nurture and build talent.

Angela Young, HR director commented “We strive to harness the talent and ambitions of everyone we work with here are Lucid to create and deliver magic to our clients. This includes graduates joining the organisation. It’s been wonderful to see how the graduates have grown, both personally and professionally, over the last 12 months, and I look forward to watching them continue to flourish on the next steps of their journey with us.”

Emilie Cousin, one of the graduates commented “The Futures Academy gives you all the development opportunities you could wish for. It also allows for as much clever thinking about how to change the health world as you could handle. I’ve already been involved in some really transformative programmes and I’m excited about a future of making a difference to patients by improving health outcomes.”

27th September 2018