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It's time to get with the real world

Lucid CEO discusses the increasing importance placed on real-world data to demonstrate value

In the February issue of PME, Dennis O'Brien (CEO of Lucid) discusses the increasing importance placed on real-world data and how technology has improved measurement. These advances have helped healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients and the industry to better understand diseases, medicines and services. As a result, this has improved the assessment of what factors are actually demonstrating value by improving outcomes for patients.

Dennis goes on to explain how we need to go beyond measuring just the brand and sales picture by anchoring all programmes with metrics that support patient outcomes. For Lucid, this has meant evolving what they measure by focussing more on the specific changes needed in HCP behaviour in order to improve patient outcomes: “if you’re clear about the outcome, you can prioritise the behaviours needed to improve care and then make sure the programme effects these changes.”

Dennis and his team at Lucid have managed to form the strategic client partnerships required to meet the challenge of leveraging real-world data to demonstrate value through behaviour change. To find out how, read the full article here

11th February 2016