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It’s time to measure outcomes

Lucid launch their new metrics platform

With shrinking budgets and shorter timelines, pharmaceutical companies are keen to invest their assets smartly in medical education programmes that will guarantee their desired outcomes. Medical communications have aimed to keep pace with this development through evaluation forms and post-event surveys. However, these usually measure the level of audience satisfaction, rather than our actual progress towards our ultimate goal. In the latest issue of PME, Dennis O’Brien (Lucid Co-founder and CEO) discusses the need to demonstrate that medical education programmes are truly achieving what they promise.

“It’s time to think of new ways of measuring effectiveness, particularly relating to outcomes,” says Dennis. He comments on the frequent use of patient information leaflets: “If we haven’t got evidence that it improves patient outcomes, then we shouldn’t be doing it. Let’s invest our time where it matters.”

Dennis explains Lucid’s new solution to this challenge of measuring outcomes: “Our latest methodology at Lucid is a metrics platform. It provides a strategic approach to education that starts by defining our WHY – the outcomes we want to achieve. We then look at what behaviours we need in our audience to get us there. Where once we thought it was only our medicines that could improve outcomes, we can now demonstrate that it’s our services and our communications that make a difference.”

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1st August 2017