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Knowing your audience is key to successful medical education

Lucid Group understands that the goals of medical education are to disseminate best practice and advance patient outcomes. Our approach to meeting these goals centres on our appreciation of both the wants and needs of our pharmaceutical clients and medical partners. 

In a recent article in PME, Louise Verrall (Lucid Business Unit Director) explains the value of taking a targeted approach. Our clients, while faced with resource limitations, need to quickly demonstrate measureable improvements in outcomes. Medical professionals need to overcome their personal barriers to adopting the clinical practice changes required to drive improved outcomes. To achieve all of this, we need to really understand the clinical care gap of our target audience. We must also recognise which channels suit our audience’s habits and preferences. “We should view the learning journey as a whole,” explains Louise. “We must consider the overall experience and the cumulative impact of learning touchpoints on the audience.”

Lucid recognises that – in addition to having sound scientific knowledge and a clear understanding of our client’s strategic goals – we must apply evidence-based behaviour change principles and adopt a consumer-centric mind-set. Lucid is committed to developing stronger, more collaborative and more innovative partnerships, and to delivering programmes that change people’s lives. 

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7th September 2016