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Lucid CEO discusses his inspiration and passion for changing patients' lives

Changing patients' lives with innovative methodologies in medical education

In a thought-leading article published in PME September 2015 Dennis O'Brien explains how the industry is changing: medical education is not only about delivering messages, but also about what happens as a result of that message delivery. Lucid’s integrated programmes focus on changing healthcare professionals’ behaviour, and to achieve this we need to really understand the barriers to behaviour change. Lucid has built and implemented methodologies, based on academic frameworks, that facilitate understanding these barriers. Knowing the exact barriers allows us to tailor our programmes, and truly contribute to healthcare. 

In the article, Dennis explains that he wanted to be a doctor because he wanted to help patients.  He now feels that the impact of the new methodologies in education, if executed well,  will make a greater difference to improving lives. And this is why he leaps out of bed in the morning and hurries down the road to Lucid. See the full article here

14th October 2015