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Lucid Group Elevates its Editorial Centre of Excellence – COMET

Lucid Group has been busy expanding and operationalising its editorial team – COMET (Centre Of Medical EdiTing) – to ensure its successful integration into Lucid Group. This has been achieved through the establishment of COMET Ambassadors, who are leading pilot projects and advocating best working practices. Not only has Lucid Group bolstered the number of editors who make up COMET but the team is also specifically trained in medical editing and is now formally accredited by CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading).

COMET is headed up by Liz Jennings, Associate Editorial Director, who enthuses, “We’re thrilled that Lucid Group sees the value in sponsoring individual membership of CIEP for COMET team members. This allows our editors to gain merits across a core-training copyediting and proofreading programme, both with CIEP and with our own programme, to ensure our ‘right first time’ ethos produces high-quality work and consistent standards for our clients.”

This accreditation complements the qualified status of Lucid Group’s medical writers, adding gravitas to its editing centre of excellence with this trailblazing initiative for its in-house medical editors.
Lucid Group’s human-centric and pioneering spirit has always been at the core of its culture, and the way it has evolved. COMET is testament to this, developing and nurturing talent to facilitate an industry-leading experience for both employees and clients.

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11th March 2020