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Lucid Group gains further momentum with launch of new Strategic Consultancy

Lucid Group has made an exciting company expansion with the launch of the new Lucid Strategic Consultancy and the appointment of Duncan Ferguson as MD.

Duncan Ferguson is highly qualified for the role, with over 20 years’ experience in senior positions in pharma, reporting at CEO level, and leading some of the world’s biggest brands. He states “I’m passionate about inspiring others to make a sustainable impact with their strategy development and implementation. I have worked with Lucid for several years, and see a perfect fit for myself within this exciting company.  I have experienced the true challenges faced by leaders and brand teams, so I know where the gaps in pharma are and what it takes to make a difference.  With this background, I’ve researched and designed a new industry-leading approach that, combined with Lucid’s experience and expertise, will generate exceptional commercial value and momentum.”

Lucid Strategic Consultancy will bring a new way of thinking, called momentum strategy, that has been developed following intensive research of some of the world’s most successful consumer brands. It will provide a range of strategic consultancy services: from early pipeline development, to launch brands and portfolios, to mature product planning. It will create compelling insights, compelling value and compelling engagement, which will generate exceptional commercial value and momentum.

To find out more about Lucid Strategic Consultancy and its new approach, please contact Duncan on or +44 (0) 1494 755 707 or visit

8th March 2017