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Lucid has been celebrating 10 years of professionalism and unwavering passion

Lucid recognises, rewards and celebrates long-term service with flowers, vouchers and additional holiday for those who have been with the company for five and ten years. With over 20% of its team having worked for Lucid for at least five years, that’s a lot of extra holiday days gifted!

Today it was Anna Hamilton’s turn to celebrate her 10 magical years at Lucid Group. Anna has played a pivotal role in helping to build the organisation into what it is today by developing valued partnerships with her clients and winning new business for the team. Anna always brings her magic to those around her, and it is no surprise that her career at Lucid has flourished.

Anna comments, “I actually can’t believe it’s been 10 years! It genuinely feels like yesterday when there were a handful of us in a couple of rooms having meetings on floors and making cups of tea out of what seemed like a kitchen cupboard.

Lucid has been a part of the most important things in my personal life, from meeting my husband to supporting me in moving to my very funny little island (Guernsey!), through to having my two little people, it’s been far more than just the company I work for.

I’m so utterly proud to have been – and continue to be – a part of it all, to see how the company has grown and developed and continues to lead and challenge the industry with an unwillingness to waver. It won’t stop here, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 10 years.”

1st July 2019