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Lucid’s digital responsibility: delivering value by improving patient outcomes

Digital initiatives must address your customer's needs

In the January issue of PME, Toby O’Brien (Digital and Creative Services Director) discusses the responsibility we have to ensure digital adds value to medical education initiatives. The focus should not be on how much digital is packed into a medical education programme, but on how much value is added to the programme by doing things digitally. 

Toby explains that sometimes people assume that just because something is digital, it is innovative. He argues that for digital to be truly innovative, it must address a need. It is therefore imperative that we work hard to understand our customer’s needs before deciding if digital will add value.  

The goal at Lucid is to make a difference to patients’ lives, and this translates across all their digital activities. With this in mind, Toby describes the three areas where Lucid uses digital: to identify the target audience, to deliver appropriately and ensure the education experience is optimised, and to measure outcomes. To learn more about Lucid and how they deliver responsible digital initiatives you can read the full article here

19th January 2016