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Lucid’s motivation to make a difference in medical education drives everything they do

Changing lives with medical education

In the November issue of PME, Dennis O'Brien (CEO of Lucid) reflects on the power of responsibility and achievement as motivators of personal growth. Lucid is motivated to make a difference – to its clients, to experts, and to patients. Lucid feels it is no longer enough for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to find medical education programmes interesting; Lucid believes it is also responsible for ensuring that HCPs change their clinical behaviour to improve patient care. Achieving this requires long-term partnerships, where every intervention is a step towards realising a brand vision and changing a patient’s life.

Dennis explains that building these powerful partnerships is a big part of the Lucid culture. He also argues that the starting point should always be: What change do we want to see in patient care? Being responsible for making a difference, and achieving this goal through strong partnerships, is what motivates Dennis and the team at Lucid. 

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11th November 2015