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Making a Difference - The Future of Pharma

On a global scale, pharma is one of the least-trusted industries. And this is despite the fact that pharma contributes more than £30 BN each year to the UK economy, supports almost 500,000 jobs in the UK alone, and donated 1.4 BN treatments to the developing world in 2014.[1],[2]

In recent years, this narrative has been changing, thanks to rigorous self-imposed compliance standards. But repairing the trust that was so damaged in the past is proving to be a tough job.

Dennis believes the key to shifting old perceptions and truly making a difference is to, “Think like, and collaborate with, healthcare providers”. Unlike pharma companies, whose success is often measured in medicine sales, healthcare providers work hard to improve patient outcomes. Pharma companies today have the unique opportunity to redefine their role: from providers of commodities to our healthcare system to valued partners in delivering outstanding patient care.

To learn more about how pharma companies can drive change to improve patient outcomes, read the full article here.

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18th September 2018