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Making a difference to patients with IBD

Changing lives with medical education

Lucid Group, together with a group of IBD experts, have developed an online tool to help gastroenterologists use the ulcerative colitis endoscopic index of severity (UCEIS). Lucid hopes that the online tool will help set standards for wider and better use of the UCEIS. Using objective scoring systems like the UCEIS, in a consistent way will help assess patients’ disease severity and guide appropriate treatment.    

The tool development was led by Professor Simon Travis, on behalf of the UCEIS study group, together with Dr Rebecca Palmer of Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust.  Speaking about the tool, he said; “Low awareness of endoscopic scoring indices, like the UCEIS, created enormous variation between physicians when assessing a patients disease severity.  Lucid Group have developed a user friendly, robust training tool which all gastroenterologists treating patients with Ulcerative Colitis are encouraged to use, this is hosted on the website of the European Crohn’s and colitis organisation (ECCO).”

You can read more news from Lucid Group here!news/c1idu

16th November 2015


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