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Making a difference together

It was highlighted at the 2016 World Economic Forum that ‘good business’ now means more than financial success, with multiple stakeholders asking how business will benefit society. At Lucid, our vision is to deliver medical education that changes healthcare professional’s (HCPs) behaviour and so improves patients’ lives. All of our stakeholders – pharma partners, HCPs and the internal Lucid team – identify with and aspire to this vision.  

Education that simply raises awareness of clinical care gaps through traditional methods, without changing behaviour, is no longer enough. Our pharma partners need to demonstrate return on investment: a measurable improvement in patients’ health. HCPs need to explore new ways to share and adopt best practice behaviour. Together, we are advancing the boundaries of medical education.  

Lucid’s Advance Outcomes methodology includes identifying behaviour barriers and tailoring education to overcome these. This forward-thinking approach has been acknowledged by the industry. Most recently, Lucid was highly commended in the ‘Communications Consultancy of the Year’ category at the annual Communique Awards. While we are proud to be part of an award-winning agency, we are prouder of our vision to improve patients’ lives. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We challenge ourselves to continue to be at the forefront of this evolution in medical education, and strive to inspire all our stakeholders to take this exciting and worthwhile journey with us.

You can read the full article published in the July / August PME here

8th August 2016


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