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My adventure into the world of Medcomms and Lucid’s Futures Academy

After finishing my PhD, I was disillusioned with the lab. I felt that I wanted more out of my career than working on one protein, in one pathway, for the foreseeable future. I wanted to find a role where I could make a measurable impact on someone’s life, and not have to wait 20 years to possibly see it (I could have backed the wrong protein!).

I first came across Lucid, and the Futures programme, when I met Daniel Newbury (a common denominator between the new recruits) at the University of Bristol careers fair. My attention was immediately captivated by Lucid’s pioneering work in delivering top-quality educational programmes aimed at improving patients’ lives by changing behaviour. After a phone call with Dan, I was asked to an assessment centre. This took place as a one-day event and included a group exercise, a presentation, a writing exam, and finally an interview. I was delighted to be offered a position and received some insightful feedback.

Fast-forward a few months to my first day. Although I had researched Lucid and Med Comms for my interview, to be truthful I had no idea what to expect. I was firstly introduced to my cohort, a great source of support for the next eight weeks, before meeting an inspirational line-up of Lucid team-members.

My first foray into the world of Med Comms has been an exciting, intense and rewarding experience. We have covered a dizzying array of topics, introducing us to the pharmaceutical industry landscape and how Med Comms fits into it. We also explored what it means to be a medical writer or an account handler; the last eight weeks have given me the tools necessary to springboard into my two placements − the next step of the Futures programme.

Although I am still on the fence about whether to go down the medical writing route or move to the accounts side, I am incredibly thankful to have had this opportunity, and very much look forward to seeing what the future holds.

14th March 2019