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Patient outcomes in practice: delivering value that transforms lives

In this month’s PME, Lucid CEO and co-founder, Dennis O’Brien, and Managing Director, Louise Verrall, discuss ‘Patient outcomes in practice: delivering value that transforms lives’.

In response to the increasing demands of global healthcare systems, pharma must demonstrate its value contribution. It is responding with patient-centric corporate missions, and patient outcomes-driven visions and initiatives, all with the aim of improving patient outcomes.

Dennis and Louise discuss how it’s no longer good enough to prove a commitment to patient outcomes, but instead we must demonstrate an impact. The programmes and initiatives that are incorporated into cross-functional plans all need to align to the same goal – so that we can then measure their impact against improving patient outcomes.

The vision is there, but it requires translation of this vision to execution of outcomes-led strategic planning, cross-functional alignment and metrics collection that transcend annual key performance indicator cycles. You can read more in the full article here

11th June 2018