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The art of changing behaviour with virtual technology

In April’s issue of PME, Ella Nuttall (Health Psychology Specialist at Lucid Group) explains how changing behaviour requires a combination of science and art. She outlines how the impact of new technologies has increased the breadth of mechanisms (the ‘art’) through which science-based, behaviour-changing interventions are delivered. Of particular note is the emergence of virtual technology as a mechanism to support medical education – such as the first virtual reality operation due to take place this month – viewable live across the world.

Ella reveals how Lucid has successfully incorporated a variety of virtual technologies in their behaviour-changing medical education programmes: from live-link sessions of medical procedures to projection technology to portray a virtual patient. Ella discusses the impact and rationale behind using a virtual mannequin with Emma Herring (Lucid Account Director), who led the project.

To learn more about using virtual technologies and how it has helped Lucid to change behaviour and improve patient outcomes you can read the full article 

13th April 2016