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The driving force behind Momentum Strategy

An internet search on what makes a business successful delivers countless promises to reveal the secrets behind sustained growth. The strategies of well-known companies provide valuable case studies that have helped us identify the key factors that enable businesses to prosper. Using examples from outside pharma, Lucid’s newly launched Strategic Consultancy has recognised three key spheres that generate exceptional growth in the pharma industry: discover, value and enable. This new commercial approach is called Momentum Strategy.

In the April issue of PME magazine, Lucid Strategic Consultancy gives further insight into the three key spheres of Momentum Strategy. The discover sphere is focused on generating compelling insights to prioritise delivering commercial value (inspired by Under Armour). The value sphere allows us to capture compelling value and translate this into a differentiated and sustainable customer experience (inspired by Innocent). The enable sphere provides compelling engagement and innovative initiatives across teams (inspired by giffgaff). With this new dynamic approach, Lucid Strategic Consultancy aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the product life-cycle management.

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11th April 2017