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The first of many celebrations for Lucid Group at Middlesex House

Lucid Group celebrated the opening of its new offices in Fitzrovia, London on Thursday evening. The workspace in Middlesex House is incredible, allowing employees to take advantage of well-designed creative, quiet and communal areas.

Jan Steele, Lucid Group co-founder and COO commented, “We wanted to create an amazing work experience for our employees. One where they can flourish and create the magic our clients have come to expect from such a passionate and talented team of individuals. It has already had a positive impact with everyone being able to come together, under one roof, to share ideas and feed off each others energy. This is just the beginning of another very exciting chapter for Lucid. Watch this space!”

Middlesex House is located on the site of the old Middlesex Teaching Hospital, making it a rather fitting home for its new occupants, who also have medical education, science and improving patient outcomes at the heart of everything they do. It’s a perfect match.

8th November 2019