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The inescapable rise of patient-centricity

The April issue of PME questions the meaning of ‘patient-centricity’ and whether we are achieving it.

Patient-centricity has become a ubiquitous value within the pharmaceutical industry; however, is pharma delivering on its promise to put patients at the heart of everything they do? Dennis O’Brien, Lucid CEO, believes we are making progress but still have a long way to go.

How do we achieve patient-centricity? Dennis believes we must not lose sight of patients. With the evolution of personalised medicine, we must also personalise the value that we deliver to patients. Dennis thinks that technology is the answer. “Tech provides the opportunity to analyse what patients look at on the internet, indicating their values.” However, this is only a starting point. “We’ve got to think like tech providers and think like consumers. If we can do that, we’ll build trusted communities that provide meaningful value. But we’re just not there yet. For some reason we’re scared to connect to patients. We need to get over it.”

Dennis thinks that achieving this requires a fundamental shift in mindset, moving the goal from outcomes to improving someone’s every-day life. “Patient-centricity is a relentless pursuit. The best players in this space will be those who understand that patient insight gives them a continual point of differentiation – and can track, analyse and respond to it quickly to deliver better value to patients.”

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30th April 2019