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The Lucid Group Wellbeing Champions embark on their MHFA training

A mentally sound organisation is good for talent and business. Statistics from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England point out to mental health illness (such as depression or anxiety) accounting to 70 million days off sick per year, the most of any health condition. MHFA England’s research also highlights that almost a third of employees said to them that they would consider leaving their current role if their mental health continued to suffer due to their job.

We are aware of what the data is telling us, and as a people-centric organisation, building and maintaining a mentally healthy Lucid is our paramount people ambition. A key component of this is to invest in Mental Health First Aiders. This week is an important step towards realising this ambition. After many delays, due to Covid-19, our Wellbeing Champions are finally undertaking an MHFA England accredited course to become fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

Our Mental Health First Aiders will play a vital role in championing our people’s mental health. Their role will include providing non-judgemental listening and guidance and, if needed, support to identify and take steps in accessing relevant mental health resources and third parties.

Karina Rudzinska, Lucid Group HR Manager; oversees all the Wellbeing initiatives which fall under the Lucidbeing brand. Karina is also being a Wellbeing Champion and soon-to-be Mental Health First Aider commented, “I’ve seen family and friends’ relationships fall apart because of mental ill-health not being treated like any other health problem, where mental illness has been very mistakenly seen as a weakness and a personal choice. Being a naturally compassionate individual, it saddened me that in some of those instances I could not help to alleviate the suffering of people I cared about. And as an HR professional looking after employees, I’ve seen similar scenarios playing out in the workplace. For me, becoming a Mental Health First Aider is thus about gaining a level of professional recognition and personal conviction to confidently steer Lucidians and Lucid towards a healthier mental headspace.”

We’re extremely proud of our Wellbeing Champions who have demonstrated both passion and commitment to their role. And we wish them all well as they embark on this important learning and development journey.

16th September 2020