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Using insights to effect behaviour change

The days when medical communication simply aimed to raise awareness of clinical challenges are well and truly over. In recent years, we have seen a clear shift towards changing physicians’ behaviour through targeted medical education.

Jan Steele (Co-founder and COO of Lucid Group) reflects on this evolution in the June edition of PME magazine. “We strive to push beyond raising awareness about clinical gaps or clinical innovation,” says Jan. “Specifically, if our industry wants to leave a lasting mark on the world, we need to support physicians to change their practice.” 

Jan also points to the insights that big data can provide to inform medical education interventions, and how we can take specific information from data sets to help us target communication more effectively. 

Lucid’s highly commended Advance Outcomes approach is built on just this principle: to assess barriers to behaviour change, and to tailor medical education programmes to address these barriers. This approach leads to measurable changes in physician behaviour and, ultimately, in patients’ lives. 

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20th June 2017