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I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Our team’s motivations behind cycling on two static bikes for 282 miles - the equivalent of London to Paris, to raise money for British Dupuytren’s Society. Please donate!
Have you ever tried to peel a banana with one hand? You may find it a bit of a challenge (go on, I dare you). If you master that, how about trying to single-handedly tie a shoe lace? And finally, can you face spending a whole day in the office typing with just one hand?

The one-hand challenge:cycle challenge
Unfortunately, for some people everyday activities become challenging because of Dupuytren’s disease. This condition can cause the fingers and thumb to bend towards the palm, making regular hand movement difficult. It is more common in men than in women, affecting up to 20% of men above 60 years old, and 20% of women above 80 years old.

This Friday, the team at Say Communications will embark on a cycle challenge to fundraise for The British Dupuytren’s Society (BDS). This charity provides invaluable information and support for those living with Dupuytren’s and related conditions, as well as raising awareness – had you heard of Dupuytren’s before reading this blog?

We will use static exercise bikes to cycle 282 miles – the distance from London to Paris. You can find out more about the event or make a donation to the team on our mydonate page.

We will be using two exercise bikes kindly lent to us by the Virgin Active Wimbledon Worple Road Gym. Throughout the day, we will take it in turns to cycle till we drop, aiming to cover the whole distance before home time – all in a day’s work.

We will keep our team members motivated through a combination of chocolate, moral support from colleagues and a killer playlist. There will also be a competitive edge, with prizes and eternal glory for the man and woman who can cycle the most miles throughout the day.

We have a range of cycling experience within the team, from the super-fit gym-goers who cycle to work every day, to the people for whom a good cycle is binge-watching an entire series of House of Cards on Netflix *ahem*.

With less than a week to go until the fateful day itself, we are currently 41% of the way towards reaching our £1,000 target. Please visit our mydonate page to make a donation to the team. Any amount is much appreciated and we promise that the sweat and tears will be worth every penny. 

Say Communications offices
When? Friday 12 February
Why? Fundraising for The British Dupuytren’s Society

Please make your donation here:

9th February 2016



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