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E-detailing content wow factor in 2015

Many companies are reporting that the iPad novelty has worn off and healthcare professionals are demanding more than just another animation presented on a mobile device. So what exactly are healthcare professionals asking for? And how to meet these new expectations?

An industry-wide problem

The novelty of iPad presentations is wearing off. No longer easily wowed by the latest gadget and glossy animations, healthcare professionals are demanding more from reps and e-detailing.So what to do when the bells, whistles and horns no longer capture attention?

Break through the content barrier

This Anthill webinar explains the kind of digital content that doesn’t go out of fashion. Driven by a strong methodology, storytelling expertise and data analytics, the next wave of digital marketing is on the way – and here to stay.This webinar is relevant for marketers, global/regional brand managers, management.When: 26 February 2015, 3 PM (GMT+1)


PresenterThe session will be hosted by Sebastian Koelsch, Vice president at Anthill

Panelist and key note speakers:

  • Morten Hjelmsoe, CEO & founder of Anthill
  • Jennifer Grech, Global Head of Customer Relationship Excellence at Lundbeck

24th February 2015


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Anthill Agency


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