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Time for a Hackathon – planning, preparation and plenty of sugar!

Where does the inspiration for a day of collaboration that pushes intellectual thought, partnership and physical boundaries, begin?
For the Partnership Initiative between Ashfield Healthcare Communications and our Belgian biotech client, it all started with a casual conversation over coffee when Stephanie Tortell, SVP Group Medical Director, Ashfield Healthcare Communications, and Andrew Binns, SVP Strategy & Planning, Ashfield Digital & Creative, met with Jérémie Affergan, Senior Purchasing Manager, on a chilly, February day in Brussels. From there the spark was ignited, and the unlimited potential of an experimental and experiential partnership was on, between Ashfield Healthcare Communications and Procurement that would take us beyond previous initiatives and expectations!

Now, that’s not to say the entire process was all cake, coffee and chat (although there was definitely plenty of coffee involved… and just maybe the odd slice of cake!). Like any initiative that seeks to go outside of the norm, the road to the hackathon was a long one.

Setting the challenge  

We were off! Next phase –the truly formidable phase – where our client had the significant task to identify no more than six unique challenges that the hackathon would attempt to address. Who would have thought that narrowing all of the ideas down to five challenges, which stood a chance of resulting in a tangible, deliverable solution in less than 48 hours, would prove to be so challenging!

So after much consideration and deliberation, the final challenges were agreed just a few days before the event!

Click here to learn more about our preparation for the big event.

This article was published by Ashfield Healthcare Communications, part of UDG Healthcare plc. 


22nd February 2017



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