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Uniphar Group plc appoints Graham McIntosh as Managing Director Commercial & Clinical (Pharma)

McIntosh has been charged with accelerating the Uniphar business.

Uniphar Group plc has appointed Graham McIntosh as Managing Director Commercial & Clinical (Pharma) who will be joining the team in July. McIntosh has been charged with accelerating the Uniphar business, continuing with their geographical expansions, taking their unique and differentiated services to other countries.

Uniphar is a leading provider of outsourced services to the pharmaco-medical sector throughout Ireland and the UK, with a diverse customer base and an annual turnover in excess of €1.3bn; the company is a trusted partner of choice for the healthcare sector.

McIntosh believes this to be an exciting time for the industry, embracing the vision to improve patient access to pharmaceutical medicines and treatments by developing connectivity between manufacturers and healthcare stakeholders.

He states that it’s a vision that resonates with his beliefs. “I believe we work in pharma because we genuinely want to make a difference for patients”. Whether that is employing nurses to visit a patient’s home to educate, or one of our recruitment executives who recruits a representative to educate Health Care Professionals on different medicines for patients, it’s all about improving patient outcomes.”

McIntosh believes in the Uniphar vision and has been closely following the smart acquisitions that they have made over the last couple of years:

  • Point of Care in Ireland
    “A company whose primary focus is on the health and wellbeing pf patients, constantly striving to bring healthcare closer to the patients by making it more accessible to them. With the vision to transform the way patients experience medical treatments in the community, we are very excited about bringing this service to the UK.”
  • STAR Medical
    “The number one recruitment and outsourced service provider in the UK market. Star are approachable, easy to work with, and treat client challenges as their own. Star pride themselves on being able to source the very best people to deliver award-winning quality services.”
  • OUTiCO
    “With HCP access becoming more difficult, and with HCPs increasingly preferring to be contacted via digital channels, this specialist multi-channel sales organisation provides an exceptional outsourcing service and enables communication with Healthcare Professionals via their preferred sales channel.”
  • Clinical Cube
    “Is a company that provides dynamic health data and analytics and these invaluable insights allow us to innovate and create new opportunities across the complete product lifecycle.”

Each of the businesses are unique and bring their own strengths, so when combined means that Uniphar can offer a broader service to their clients, addressing their ever-evolving needs in the digital age.

McIntosh concludes, “I am delighted to be part of such an inspiring team and extremely excited to be working to bring the present and future acquisitions into one company creating a service which adds value to pharmacos, and ultimately helps patients get access to the right medicines and treatments”.

25th June 2019



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Uniphar Group plc appoints Graham McIntosh as Managing Director Commercial & Clinical (Pharma)
McIntosh has been charged with accelerating the Uniphar business.
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