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An insight into Multi-Channel Account Management

At OUTiCO we often talk about moving away from traditional methods, embracing change, and offering an exceptional outsourcing service, but what does that mean day to day?
To give you an insight into our sales team, Multi-Channel Account Manager, Emma Bennett gives an overview of a typical day:

How does OUTiCO compare to your previous role?

“I’ve previously worked in teams where everyone was pretty much on their own, doing their own thing. At OUTiCO everyone is working in a similar way and after the same thing: results for their client in the most efficient way. The whole company is a team. You can call anyone within the company to gain their thoughts or expertise, and the team as a whole has a huge amount of experience and knowledge – so I can always find an answer from someone!”

How does flexible working help?

“I have two children, aged 7 and 5, so flexible working helps me a great deal. If I need to change a pre-planned work day due to them being poorly or something happening at school, I can simply adjust my working week.”

What’s it like working with a remote team? 
“I’d never worked within a remote team before so it seemed a bit daunting at first, but I soon realised how close the team was, and how friendly and helpful the people were. There’s always someone you can call for help, or even just for a chat, if you’re having a hard day. We have regular meetings too so that everyone is kept in the loop on all aspects of the business. We have monthly company updates, biweekly team meetings, both via Skype and regular one to ones with our Project Manager. We also have regular catch ups with members of the client’s team, and depending on the project you’re involved with, there’s often the option to have road days – so there’s a good balance between office/road days. I never feel like I’m working remotely as there is always someone to talk to.”

How would you describe Multi-Channel Account Management (MCAM)?
“It’s not just a case of making phone calls, the MCAM role is hugely diverse. Phone calls take up a large portion of my time, but there are also screen shares – where I file share with customers. Then there’s emails, and our cloud based telephony system (CBT) which links you to the entire list of OUTiCO employees via calls or messaging. The CBT system also provides me with the ability to record calls with customer consent to use for training purposes, to hold or transfer calls, plus voicemail options like linking to your mobile phone, so even if you’re away from your desk you can still pick up calls. The role also includes information gathering, research and updating OUTiCO’s CRM system, plus regular training updates, such as ABPI updates, and team meetings. Finally, depending on the project, there is often the option to get out on the road to see customers face-to-face. Every day is different!”

Visit the OUTiCO YouTube channel ( learn even more about Multi-Channel Account Management.    

21st September 2017



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