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White paper helps industry navigate new NHS roadmap

New report shows how pharma can support the NHS in the Covid-19 recovery era

As the pandemic response in the UK moves on to ‘phase 3’, and the NHS plans to make a gradual return to pre-Covid-19 service levels, pharma must define how its products and services fit into the new roadmap that has been created.

In a bid to answer some of these questions for industry, healthcare intelligence provider Wilmington Healthcare has published a white paper, entitled “Covid-19: Roadmap to Recovery”.

The white paper looks at the next stages in the recovery process for the NHS and explores how industry can support the health service as it faces a multitude of challenges, including dealing with the care backlog and Covid-19 aftercare.

It covers three major areas, the first two of which are the NHS Reset initiative and its attendant policies; followed by the status and aims of the various NHS stakeholders tasked with taking the service through the next phase.

It also tackles issues surrounding NHS recovery from the point of view of pharma and defines the issues that are affecting it from access and digital engagement to the role of new NHS pathways.

The need to respond at scale and pace to the coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented collaboration between the NHS and pharma in areas such as protection of supply chains and rapid development of Covid-19 drugs and vaccines. The challenge now is to maintain and strengthen partnership working.

Oli Hudson, Content Director at Wilmington Healthcare and one of the authors of the white paper, saidAs the NHS resets, it will require innovation, technology, new pathways and new solutions to the various issues emerging from Covid-19. Industry needs to identify the right stakeholders and develop propositions tailored to their changing needs.

“With the right brand strategy and approach, some very promising new partnerships can be formed. This white paper aims to give industry powerful insights into the opportunities that are emerging and help it define how to support the NHS through the challenges that lie ahead.”

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24th August 2020



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