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COUCH launches new pharma and healthcare training and capabilities development service

South London based, COUCH announced today that it has launched a new training and capabilities development service for pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations.

South London based, COUCH announced today that it has launched a new training and capabilities development service for pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations.  

The integrated digital marketing and creative communications agency has merged with training company Cetas Kinetic to provide a dedicated team to support the specialist training needs this industry requires.

Co-Founder, Ash Rishi explains “We have always worked to support the development needs of our clients, however, bringing onboard Cetas Kinetic means that we have a dedicated team of people on hand to meet all our clients capabilities and development needs. We have seen a sharp increase in requests from clients, particularly around developing digital understanding and capabilities across the workforce, and adding this new service gives us the opportunity to provide a holistic offering to our clients.”

Bringing technology to training and capabilities development

Adding Cetas Kinetic, to COUCH, who have worked with top 10 pharma brings with it a wealth of experience of working with both healthcare and pharma companies. This has meant that the new service not only provides training and capabilities development opportunities, but it is also able to advise organisations on implementing new technologies such as virtual training platforms and mobile learning. Technology today enables flexibility for the workplace; meaning staff can access development opportunities even if they aren’t sitting in a classroom.  

New service, new website

To officially launch this new service, COUCH has launched a new website, bringing together information about both its integrated digital marketing and creative healthcare communication services, and its new training and capabilities development services. There is also an opportunity to meet some of the team on the new look site.      

An integrated future
Co-Founder, Katie Rishi further enthused ‘We cannot wait to start working with more clients that cross over from one service to another. We know that there is often a need to implement an integrated digital marketing plan, but now we get to develop teams so they are not left wondering what to do with it once we have built it and left.”

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12th May 2014


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