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COUCH relocates to Manchester

Healthcare communications and customer experience agency COUCH has relocated from London to Manchester due to business expansion.

Healthcare communications and customer experience agency COUCH has relocated from London to Manchester due to business expansion.  

The office move comes with the appointment of two new staff members – multimedia designer Adrian Ryan and creative copywriter Kay Smith. Both Adrian and Kay have a wealth of experience in their fields and have worked with a range of healthcare clients, from the NHS to pharma brands. They also bring with them a host out-of-industry experience.  

COUCH managing director Ash Rishi said: “I am very proud to welcome both Adrian and Kay to our creative team. The fact that they both have industry experience is a huge plus, but their experience of working with big brands such as Sony and Virgin Media will also help to bring out the best in our client marketing campaigns.”  

COUCH managing director Katie Rishi, added: “As regular visitors to Manchester, we knew it was the right place to grow our company further and develop our team. We are hugely excited to be located in the city – and with great transport links to London and beyond, we are well-placed to work with clients both old and new wherever that may be”.   COUCH offices are now located in the Beehive Mill on Jersey Street, at the heart of where the industrial revolution began in this country (incidentally it is also the building that the BBC’s Dragon’s Den series used to be filmed) in Manchester’s busy Ancoats district.  

COUCH was established in London in June 2013 led by managing directors Ash and Katie Rishi. As a healthcare communications and customer experience agency, the company works to improve the customer experience in the healthcare industry and help companies to develop their brand strategy and identity. Using content marketing, digital sales materials, and multichannel communications strategies, COUCH are dedicated to driving the customer experience forward in the pharma space.  

For more information on COUCH, please contact Ash or Katie Rishi on 0161 312 2400

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25th January 2015


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