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How to develop an effective content strategy

Healthcare professionals (HCPs), payers and patients are all using internet as a means of engagement, and one way of optimising this digital engagement is through effective content.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs), payers and patients are all using internet as a means of engagement with pharma, and one way of optimising this digital engagement is through effective content. As it has for other industries, this sales-shy marketing technique could give pharma the boost it needs to enter the 21st century by promoting a strong online presence and responding to the increasing demand for healthcare information.

Achieving this type of marketing success requires a more than ‘OK’ strategy and this takes time, planning, insights, analysis etc. When executed beautifully though, content marketing is a powerful tool for building brand trust and maintaining customer relationships.

In recent years there has been a shift in brand marketing as pharma seek to build closer relationships with their customers rather than solely selling a brand. This relationship can be established through delivery of accessible, meaningful content that the consumer easily understands via a medium that they are comfortable using. This requires insight and analysis, so that the target audience is truly understood, and then mapping information back to the brand goals.

Following these particular steps will help you create a content marketing strategy that works:  

Segment your customers
It is highly significant that content marketing meets the needs and interests of your target audience and different content should be created for each audience segment in a way that speaks directly of their particular issues; a one-size-fits-all approach is now outdated. It would be senseless for any company to rush into content without even asking themselves who the content is for or what the target audience needs and our industry is no exception.

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