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Issue 3: SPOTLIGHT ON… Content Marketing

For the 3rd edition we’re focussing on one of our favourite topics, and one we are really passionate about – content marketing.
For the third edition of Spotlight On… we’re discussing the intricacies of content marketing. As one of our specialist areas, we are delighted to be able to shed some light on what to do if you want to do it well. And possibly more importantly, what not to do.     

As it stands, the pharma industry needs to take action if it wants to maintain relevance in the digital landscape. With HCPs and patients looking for the information they need in the digital world, we need to be doing a better job of ensuring everything they require is easy to find and even easier to understand.  

The best thing about creating really great content is that it’s a win-win situation for all. By serving up engaging and relevant content, those seeking it will find the answers they need, and pharma brands will in return enjoy the benefits of a stronger online presence: brand trust and loyalty.  

So, if it’s time you started making steps to forming and maintaining stronger relationships with your customers, enhancing your content offering is the perfect place to begin.  

In fact, why not get started right now by reading the 3rd edition of Spotlight On…

Inside Spotlight On… Content Marketing, you will learn:  

Why the pharma customer journey starts with content
How to develop an effective pharma content marketing strategy
Why engaging content is all about emotion
How to find pharma content that inspires your audience
How to map content strategies to pharma lifecycle management
And how to conduct a pharma content audit

Read the full magazine here:


  Spotlight On... Content Marketing
PDF File: 1.3 MB

23rd May 2017


  Spotlight On... Content Marketing
PDF File: 1.3 MB



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