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Pharma Customer experience: The KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor

The pharma customer experience doesn’t begin with the goods and services you provide, but rather with what you are in the customer’s mind.

With so much competition in the pharma market, what makes your brand different from the others? Let’s be honest: you’re not Coca Cola. You probably don’t have that ‘special’ product no-one else has, which people the world over hunt you down for. But what does make you different, however, is you. The pharma customer experience does not begin with the goods and services you provide, but rather with what you are in the minds of key opinion leaders (KOLs), payers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. So ask yourself what are you? Are you a peddler of products? An information service? Or are you much more than this?


Loyalty is earned through a three-step process: first a brand becomes known, then liked, and then trusted.The ‘getting known’ bit is the first big hurdle, but as we are all aware, to be well-known is not necessarily to be well-liked. If you have nothing to offer, or are irrelevant with your messaging, you will simply be frustrating and do your reputation more harm than good. So how, then, do you avoid these pitfalls?

Detective work

This is where the good, old-fashioned elbow grease comes in, but it’s fun work! There are various strategies, but an effective process is to understand who your KOLs and digital opinion leaders are. Find out their concerns. What triggers their emotions? How can you help them?Once you get to know your KOLs, you can tailor your marketing to utilise their expertise. But on top of that, you can create a content strategy that doesn’t waste your time and theirs. Content takes time and effort, so it’s disastrous to create these things without an audience in mind – because there’s a good chance nobody will see this content! Do your homework and make connections, and you won’t be relying on fate to make your brand known and liked.

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6th April 2017



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