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What is a patient-centric brand anyway?

It’s hard to believe that in our industry, there have been ongoing rumblings about patient-centricity for years now. Sure, there are some great companies who have worked hard to bring patients into brand planning, some have managed this very successfully. However, if we are honest, there is still too many that lack insight into what makes a brand truly patient-centric.

Is there really an excuse good enough to not be patient-centered?
How can we make a brand patient focused if we don’t speak to the patients we aim to help? We need to continually strive for earlier and more meaningful engagement with patients. It is scary that we have been talking about patient-centered healthcare for years and yet for many companies this still involves a small sample questionnaire. Ask yourself, if you were a patient with a life altering disease, would you get into the detail of how truly life changing it has been in a questionnaire?

We need to authentically get up close and personal and ask:  
  • What are the key elements that patients consider when they are involved in treatment planning?
  • Once they have begun treatment, where do they need most help?
  • How do we, the brand, have on-going meaningful dialogue with patients and patient groups?
These questions go some way to shifting our thinking, but as an industry, we need to move away from ROI being measured by short-term thinking i.e., what approach will sell more drugs. We need to shift to a long-term plan, primarily, what will keep patients educated,responsive and happy on their medication.

Orphan drug patient engagement show us how it should done 
We are seeing and will ultimately continue to see an ongoing rise in orphan drug development. This has lead to some really important shifts in patient approaches to development, engagement and treatment. Here the patient populations are so small that finding and keeping these patients is the true challenge.

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  What is a patient centric brand?
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30th November 2015


  What is a patient centric brand?
PDF File: 1.4 MB



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