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White paper download: Designing person-centered care for the patient journey

To discover how you can benefit from a more person-centered approach, download our white paper

People are becoming better educated about their own health conditions, and are playing an ever-increasing role in their own healthcare management.

With this in mind, interactions need to be developed with a thorough understanding of the patient journey at every stage, from first awareness of a condition, through diagnosis and treatment decisions, to ongoing management, including adherence to medications. 

To get closer to the needs and emotions of the patient, pathway co-design can provide the ‘human’ element of care that will build a strong foundation for patient support, as well as creating an opportunity to gather new insights around health services.

By understanding the “patient journey” you can carve out channels for patient engagement and learn more about the patient story on a level that has never seen before.

Download now to learn:
  • The steps to understanding the patient journey
  • How to get closer to the needs of the patient
  • Using co-design to to provide effective patient support
  • Using stories to get closer to the patient
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22nd September 2015



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