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Why the pharma customer journey starts with content

Creating content enables you to build trust and relationships, on which the pharma customer journey is largely based.

For any company – regardless of industry and location – a huge mistake is to think a marketing strategy is all about ‘selling stuff’. If that’s what you think it is, shift your perspective quickly.Above all, marketing’s purpose is to form and maintain a relationship with customers. The stuff you sell is secondary to this; a byproduct of that relationship. And like any relationship, the one between you and your customers must involve mutual respect, care and hard work at times. It’s time to be selfless and immerse yourself in the pharma customer journey – rather than your own. This journey started long before you arrived, and its destination is not ‘products’ (even if the customer may end up there). But here’s the good news: products aren’t, in fact, all you have to offer. You have knowledge, and this will always be in demand. 

Content: the solution to problems

In an online sense, your knowledge is passed on to the wider world in the form of content – blogs, research papers, videos, ‘how-to’ guides or whatever else you can think of.The mistake many make, however, is in thinking that creating content is just something to ‘add on’ to all the other marketing techniques. As with customers of other industries, the pharma customer journey begins with a ‘problem’ of some kind – and knowledge (i.e., content) is their first resort when it comes to solving that problem.Consider a middle-aged man who is having slight difficulty breathing. Would he first run to Google to find the cheapest and most available cure for cancer? That’s a ridiculous scenario, but putting products first is just as ridiculous – because it ignores the customer journey and goes straight from point A to point Z. Content addresses the problem first, before wading in with a cure that – at the time – won’t make any sense to the customer. 

So what is ‘good content’?

Primarily, good content is that which addresses the customer’s concerns. But besides that, it has to be interesting, entertaining, relevant and stirs an emotion. Here are some practical tips for achieving these objectives:

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18th July 2016



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