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Congress eHuddle & Debrief Session: A Customer Story

How a Pharma team hosted daily MSL “eHuddles” during ASCO 2021 plus a post-congress debrief session using our asynchronous platform.

In this customer story, we show how a client leveraged Impetus Digital’s cutting-edge virtual tools, comprehensive online platform, and white-glove digital and strategic services to host daily MSL “eHuddles” during the ASCO 2021 annual meeting. Additionally, they hosted a post-congress debrief session using Impetus’ asynchronous platform.

The client’s main objectives were to:

  1. Maximize the number of actionable insights captured during ASCO 2021 by dividing sessions between MSLs and leveraging InSite Exchange™ to share back the insights in real-time or when convenient.
  2. Debrief on the insights collected during the annual meeting, including in-depth reviews of key abstracts presented.
  3. Easily share key insights with the broader Medical and cross-functional teams.

To learn more about our client’s approach and the outcomes of this project, access the full customer story here.

29th September 2021



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