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Top-10 ways that Pharma teams can fight the climate crisis

Ten easy steps that individual medical, marketing, clinical, regulatory, and market access teams can take to reduce their own footprints.

I recently attended a webinar called "Pharma’s climate goals: The roadmap to delivery." It was an eye-opening discussion focused on the big changes that pharmaceutical organizations need to implement to reduce their carbon footprint. In this top-10 article, I wanted to build on the insights shared during that webinar, with a focus on the smaller–but just as important–steps that individual medical, marketing, clinical, regulatory, and market access teams can take to reduce their own footprints, contributing to their organizations' bottom lines. These include:

1. Set clear short-, mid-, and long-term goals
2. Reduce your energy use or switch to sustainable sources of energy
3. Continue to let your team work remotely or flexibly
4. Consider decentralized trials
5. Take a critical look at your supply chain

Read the full top-10 list of ways that Pharma teams can reduce their environmental footprint and fight the climate crisis here.

17th August 2021



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