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Atlantis Healthcare

Atlantis Healthcare is a global leader in optimising patient self-management. Established in 1996, we design, develop and implement scalable solutions that focus on adherence to deliver value-based care.

What we do 

Through applying our digital, creative and health psychology expertise, Atlantis creates engaging, personalised, multi-channel solutions, which address an individual's barriers to self-management. Our aim is to drive sustained improvements in patient self-management behaviour, including treatment adherence.

Atlantis’ support programmes help patients; they also aid healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry to measure and improve health outcomes to deliver value-based care. The group provides products and services across the globe, from offices in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

Delivering personalised support

Each support solution is tailored to address a patient's specific barriers to self-management, using our behaviour-targeted communication experience, and proprietary OTI(TM) technology platform. This personalised programme approach captures the profile of an individual, including their beliefs surrounding their illness and treatment, their specific support needs and their preferred support channels. Programme interventions address the underlying barriers to treatment adherence on an individual patient basis, in order to deliver lasting behaviour change. 

Driving positive patient health outcomes

Atlantis designs programmes using our Self-Management Framework; they aim to improve outcomes, by providing behaviour-targeted interventions that maximise treatment adherence and self-management as a whole. These interventions also help patients to manage their prescribed therapy, thereby optimising treatment outcomes. 

Prescribing a therapy is only part of the answer to improving patient outcomes – there are, in fact a number of factors that play an instrumental role in optimising and measuring patient health outcomes. These include a patient’s environment, condition and motivation – along with other key behavioural drivers.  

20 years of successfully helping patients

Over the past 20 years, Atlantis has provided self-management support to millions of patients. We have delivered over 130 international support programmes across 90+ disease states including, among others: *Alzheimer’s disease
*prostate cancer
*chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
*erectile dysfunction
*hepatitis C
*multiple sclerosis
*rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, Atlantis has delivered many programmes to support rare diseases, health screening and blood donor management.

For further details on how we can help improve, measure and deliver your value-based care visit:

Areas of Expertise

From innovation to implementation

  • Full in-house capability to design, develop and implement multi-channel, global, regional and local patient support programmes.
  • Multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience and ability to design effective and unique behaviour change solutions.
  • Proven track record of execution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Experts in global, regional and local patient self-management solutions  

  • Programme design, development and implementation with global, regional and national roll-out.
  • In-house legal expertise to ensure full alignment with existing regulatory frameworks.
  • Robust development and delivery processes.

Clinical expertise – our personalised approach

  • Evidence-based approach informed by one of the world’s largest health psychology clinical teams, governed by the industry’s leading academics.
  • In-depth understanding of the adherence and self-management challenges and intervention design to personalise programmes to address individuals’ specific needs.
  • Broad research experience across exploratory patient and healthcare professional research, user experience testing, co-creation, programme evaluation and patient and healthcare system related outcomes.

Mobile platform and IT capabilities

  • A bespoke Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system developed specifically to manage personalised patient support programmes that brings our experience of delivering over 80 programmes together into a configurable platform.
  • Our PRM system allows easy local affiliate configuration to suit regulatory, budgetary and legal requirements, and provides powerful country, region and global reporting capabilities.
  • Digital solutions are built on a ‘mobile first’ responsive design and deliver a seamless integrated solution with a first-class user experience.

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PMEARare Diseases and Orphan Drugs – Finalist 2016
Excellence in Patient Education and Support 
– Finalist 2016
Excellence in Patient Education and Support – Winner, 2015
Excellence in Provision of Patient Services – Winner, 2012Digital Innovation – Winner, 2010

PM Society Digital Media Awards
Digital Patient Communications Programme: Patient Adherence/Compliance – Winner, 2014
Digital Patient Communications Programme: Patient Adherence/Compliance – Winner, 2013

Writing Excellence: Patients – Winner, 2014

PharmaVoice Magazine

Innovator Companies of 2015

Excellence in Patient/Customer Support – Winner, 2010
Customer Focus Award – Winner, 2009

Internal AstraZeneca Award

Global Digital Innovation Award, 2012

Internal Chugai Award
Global Best Practice Sharing Awards – Silver medallist, 2014


'Working with Atlantis Healthcare is an amazing experience. They share their strong expertise in building and running patient support programmes. Moreover they behave and act as real partners! This is of great value and enables our team to meet very ambitious objectives' Client, European Business Operations

‘Atlantis Healthcare team’s innovative approach to addressing behaviour change is underpinned by sound scientific insight yet cleverly packaged in a way that is accessible and appealing to patients’ – Client, Medical Manager

‘Having worked in pharma for over eight years, never have I worked on a medical education project that has received such positive feedback from healthcare professionals. Adherence is a 'hot topic' in the current NHS, and this well designed and implemented campaign, with the patient at its heart, is having a really positive impact on patient care’– Client, MSL team lead  

‘We recognise the intrinsic value this initiative delivers over and above our customers’ expectations and are working closely with Atlantis to deliver the next tier of activities’ – Client, Medical Director  

‘The [programme] achieved silver medallist status in [our] global best practice sharing awards, which has been an amazing accomplishment. [Its] success is also reflected in its widespread adoption across multiple markets worldwide’ – Client, Marketing Manager

‘The high uptake of the materials is testament to the high quality of the content and the innovative concept driving behavioural change and patient empowerment’ – Client, MSL team lead

‘[This initiative] is a highly valued support solution designed by Atlantis which meets a key unmet need in [this disease area]. The tools effectively address the social and emotional needs of parents, carers and patients by tackling the underlying challenges of non-adherence and providing education and support to assist in managing the day-to-day challenges of living with [the disease]’ – Client, Medical Director

‘The feedback from patients, healthcare professionals and the sales team has been overwhelming. We are extremely happy with it’ – Client, Associate Brand Manager
‘In my experience, patients suffering from [this disease] have greatly welcomed the psychological support offered by [the programme]. Due to the bewildering amount of information required to be understood in relation to [medication] use, the additional support has given patients confidence and reassurance in managing their medications and condition’ – Hospital Consultant

‘It’s enlightening to see such an innovative support programme aimed at tackling some of the fundamental issues in [this disease], including non-adherence’ – Hospital Consultant

‘Well if it’s sort of marks out of 10, I’m going to give it 10 out of 10 really because it was nothing but positive. It’s complemented all the…non-commercial advice, the NHS advice, it’s not been at odds with anything at all, it’s only been helpful… It’s just been a very useful, positive and supportive add-on, if you like’ – Patient, Programme Member

‘[The programme] made me feel more positive, that [this disease] is not a life sentence… I now know when I have a flare-up, what to do and how to cope with it’ – Patient, Programme Member

‘[The programme] reinforced the importance of taking my medication... [following the programme] I don’t think I've ever forgotten to take it and I have a routine’ – Patient, Programme Member

‘I was worried at first but [the nurse coach] helped me see things from a different perspective. She gave me reassurance, and confidence to continue. I don't think I could have done it without the programme’ – Patient, Programme Member

‘Visits to your medical professionals are a fair time apart and, of necessity, brief and what your programme lays out is a constant reminder of what you should be doing. ‘[The programme] is a good thing, I would recommend it to anyone… and it gives you an independence, or apparently independent confirmation of what should be going on – it confirms and backs up what your medical professionals are saying to you directly’ – Patient, Programme Member

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