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Judges' tips


  • Read the category criteria thoroughly and write each entry accordingly
  • Take time to write your entry. First round scores depend on the quality of your written submission
  • Make sure your written entry is strong enough to stand on its own at the first stage of judging
  • Include all ‘killer facts’, make sure the entry is interesting and compelling
  • Make your point quickly and clearly
  • Write each entry specifically for the category entered
  • Follow the entry format provided.

You must use the entry submission document supplied – otherwise your entry may be disqualified

  • Show a clear link between strategy, objectives, tactics, outputs and outcomes
  • Outline the problem clearly and succinctly
  • Explain what you wanted to achieve and why
  • Demonstrate the rationale (based on insight) for your positioning/strategy
  • Describe any difficult circumstances you had to overcome
  • Provide evidence of effectiveness of outcomes vs objectives using benchmark data
  • Make sure that outcomes marry up with your objectives – otherwise it’s not a winner!
  • Check word count: 200 words for executive summary and no more than 2,000 for the rest of your submission.


  • Make assumptions about what the judges know
  • Construct your objectives retrospectively – they are too easy to spot
  • Confuse objectives with tactics
  • Post-rationalise
  • Overuse jargon
  • Forget that decisions are based solely on the content of the entry at the first round of judging.

And finally…

Get a second opinion!

Once you have written your entry, show it to at least one colleague who knows nothing about the campaign/activity. If he or she doesn’t understand something, neither will the judges!

For a copy of the entry kit and submission document, go to