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This page shows the latest How are you news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Behaviour change needs a quantified approach

Behaviour change needs a quantified approach

You can start out with broad questions (‘how many people in this group will stick to the treatment plan? ’) ... And you can analyse the incentives and barriers to change within each stage and how effective you are in navigating them.

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  • Health board game developed to educate the young Health board game developed to educate the young

    Scenario and question cards are used to stimulate discussion and debate among the players, developing valuable insights into how food affects physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. ... health. Sample questions include 'True or false: Healthy foods are

  • Marketing to health-conscious ‘millennials’ Marketing to health-conscious ‘millennials’

    hearted quizzes on social media can tell you just how millennial you really are, based on shared cultural inputs and proclivities. ... In the survey, 71% said they are doing everything they can to stay healthy.

  • Are you getting what you’re worth? Are you getting what you’re worth?

    Are you getting what you’ re worth? PMLiVE salary survey opens to gauge the state of play with industry pay. ... In addition to offering a useful benchmark exercise for those in the industry, the salary survey also asks how you are, with your salary

  • Changing behaviour with fast and slow thinking Changing behaviour with fast and slow thinking

    Whether you are launching a new treatment for a condition, or have new data for an existing treatment that changes how it should be used, you are asking for a change ... Think about driving your normal route to work each day. You are constantly deciding

  • Back to mobile basics Back to mobile basics

    A simple example might be to send a message to someone once they have been discharged from hospital asking them, “ How likely are you to recommend our department to your friends ... You are therefore giving the insight a qualitative feel to their

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  • Advancing women in healthcare Advancing women in healthcare

    Then one day she said to me: how much longer are you planning to let me take advantage of you? ... But if you can be yourself at work, people can see you are authentic and trust in your leadership.”.

  • The playbook of a ‘reluctant creative’ The playbook of a ‘reluctant creative’

    If you are agonising over how your creative idea fits in, then you may be looking at it wrong. ... What is success? If like many you are more of an implementer than a starter, the delivery of what you dreamt up will bring the real delight.

  • Rules of engagement Rules of engagement

    Also look at other content influencers like nurses and pharmacists. 3.Take a look at your customer segment engagement:How are you engaging now and is that being effective? ... Get the raw feedback from the patient groups, physician groups, etc to see how

  • Shaping healthcare Shaping healthcare

    Do you know how the rebates are currently used and where they end up? ... Coming back to value, how do  you measure Bayer’s impact on the healthcare system and on patients in the UK?

  • Brexit Means Brexit Brexit Means Brexit

    So how do you prepare for the unknown? “Some of the larger multinationals are already preparing for the worst-case scenario and relocating key roles such as QPs and QPPVs into ... Is that a finished product or an active ingredient? How are you going to

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  • Biotech: it's a people business

    How did you get to where you are today? When I started out, I was working for Lilly as a sales representative, while completing my MBA. ... As a leader, I think it’ s important to say: “ listen, in my shop, in my camp, in my team this is how we

  • What kind of customer data are you getting?

    What kind of customer data are you getting? How to collect the proper data to discover how to act next. ... Learn in this article:. -What data to track. -Why you are not getting actionable data.

  • What are the benefits of running workshops for international teams?

    The first challenge is that they are on the other end of the phone; you can’ t see their general body language, which means you can’ t tell how they are ... reacting to what you are saying.

  • Augmented Reality in patient communication – don’t miss out!

    Do you still need some hard-copy documents for patients who are not at ease using computers or smartphones? ... How can you ensure they are using the right document if they have multiple studies going on?

  • Sales interAction Limited

    Sales interAction Limited. How good are your sales people at selling and how do you know? ... By working with Sales interAction you will continually know how effective your sales force is in front of your customers and be able to focus your valuable

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