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This page shows the latest Syrum news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Destination Discovery - Lilly's answer to Boehringer's Syrum?

Destination Discovery - Lilly's answer to Boehringer's Syrum?

Its concept of bringing a new medicine through the research and development process is not a million miles from that of Syrum, the Facebook game Boehringer Ingelheim launched with much fanfare

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  • Gaming to educate doctors Gaming to educate doctors

    This has so far mainly involved patient education, including Boehringer Ingelheim's Syrum game for Facebook, which aimed to educate people about the pharma industry, and Sanofi's Monster Manor to

  • The game changer: Gaming in healthcare The game changer: Gaming in healthcare

    Experimental game. Boehringer's Syrum, the first Facebook game created by the Pharma industry, came to market this autumn (Beta version). ... Farmville doesn't just appeal to people who like farms and, Syrum isn't just designed for people who like the

  • Pharma's 2012 in ... gamification Pharma's 2012 in ... gamification

    Boehringer’s headline-grabbing Syrum wasn’t this year's only use of gaming techniques. ... Syrum wasn't of course pharma's only use of gamification in 2012 – it wasn't even Boehringer's only use of it.

  • Will Boehringer succeed with Syrum? Will Boehringer succeed with Syrum?

    I'm also not the right person to speculate whether Syrum will succeed on face value as game. ... side of stuff,” the company's director of digital John Pugh told me at Syrum's launch event.

  • Boehringer launches Syrum - pharma's 'first social game' Boehringer launches Syrum - pharma's 'first social game'

    Social Syrum. Would-be players of Boehringer's game must add the Syrum Facebook app to their account on the social network. ... So there's a dedicated Syrum Game YouTube channel, a feedback wiki page, and, of course, a Syrum Facebook page.  .

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  • Integrating digital: developing a social conference Integrating digital: developing a social conference

    Then there was its pioneering, if somewhat curious, pharma R&D Facebook game Syrum.

  • Digital Yearbook 2012 Digital Yearbook 2012

    Boehringer Ingelheim’s Facebook game Syrum and Janssen’s ‘excellent thinking’ win praise from our expert panel, who open the Digital Yearbook by casting their eye over 2012’s digital developments

  • Guide to gamification Guide to gamification

    With the launch of Boehringer's Syrum, and other significant developments in digital, one word that keeps cropping in pharma marketing is 'gamification'. ... Pharma companies already leading the way in gamification include Boehringer, with its

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