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Ageing populations

This page shows the latest Ageing populations news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Profit: the ugly, dirty truth?

Profit: the ugly, dirty truth?

And won’t high profits bankrupt global health systems that are already creaking under the pressure of increasingly ageing populations?

Latest news

  • Janssen’s quest to prevent diseases taking hold Janssen’s quest to prevent diseases taking hold

    Forest fires. The need to open up a different attack front is compelled by ageing populations afflicted by chronic and complex combinations of diseases that are sending healthcare systems into meltdown.

  • A butterfly flaps its wings A butterfly flaps its wings

    It's made more expensive by ageing populations, epidemiological shifts, patient expectations and technological possibilities, among other things. ... Ageing populations and other factors slow economic growth, a phenomenon known at the extremes as secular

  • The future of biotech The future of biotech

    Ageing populations seek to invest in tests and treatments for Alzheimers and faster, more reliable DNA and pathology tests.

  • A new era of collaboration A new era of collaboration

    Furthermore, it's simply not possible for cost containment to be so effective that it prevents a whole host of drivers putting pressures on health systems, from ageing populations to the

  • Britain facing social care 'time bomb' Britain facing social care 'time bomb'

    UK and global health services caused by ageing populations.

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  • The Journey to excellence

    an increasing demand for healthcare from increasing and ageing populations plus finite resources to meet these demands.

  • Ageing in China: The Implications for Healthcare

    Published in eye for pharma 12 December by Marc Yates. China’s population has aged much faster than other populations, and this rapid ageing poses challenges to healthcare, among which the ... Increased longevity and lower fertility rate are typically

  • 06 Our Opportunity to Rethink the Health Experience

    It’s being driven by new technologies and by innovations in medical science and practice: by ageing populations, chronic health conditions, and demanding patients; by competing healthcare providers and competing philosophies

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