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beyond the pill

This page shows the latest beyond the pill news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Merck KGaA inks deal for Medisafe adherence app

Merck KGaA inks deal for Medisafe adherence app

Merck has been actively looking into ways to provide ‘beyond the pill’services to patients for some time, and the latest initiative comes shortly after it launched a behavioural modification pilot ... impact on adherence as well as other measures

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  • Merck to pilot digital behavioural change programme Merck to pilot digital behavioural change programme

    Merck last year received UK approval for its mature oral diabetes drug Glucophage (metformin) to treat non-diabetic hyperglycaemia or pre-diabetes and is looking to add ‘beyond the pill’services ... Chronic diseases are changing the nature of

  • Pharma’s digital patient engagement innovators identified Pharma’s digital patient engagement innovators identified

    With resources that range from educational videos to healthcare service locators and beyond, the Swiss pharma company is able to drive “patient support and awareness with their advocacy campaigns”. ... A DRG study also found 68% of physicians in the

  • Smart solutions Smart solutions

    Providing value ‘beyond the pill’. A key to doing this is adopting innovative ways to differentiate products. ... They also need to come up with value-added services that benefit all stakeholders, going ‘beyond the pill’.

  • Power to the people Power to the people

    To create a winning manifesto, companies need to think beyond the ‘safe seat’of numbers-based research and instead allow more qualitative insight to inform decision-making. ... Companies have progressed from an insular focus on ‘beyond the

  • Sanofi to develop a mobile app for insulin patients Sanofi to develop a mobile app for insulin patients

    Peter Guenter, executive vice-president, diabetes and cardiovascular at Sanofi, said: "Sanofi is focusing on a beyond-the-pill approach. ... The long-term alliance we have with Voluntis will help us to reach that goal.".

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  • The valuable brand The valuable brand

    The valuable brand. Creating value beyond the pill is both possible and increasingly necessary. ... Still built on the molecule of course, but now extended to include activity beyond the indication and value beyond the claims.

  • Digital health Digital health

    BEYOND, a mobile application that provides patients with a trusted source of information, tools and support is designed to help people living with psoriasis to reduce stress and improve resilience while ... It’s truly the first ‘beyond the

  • Implementing eHealth innovation Implementing eHealth innovation

    PMEA’s Excellence in Innovation award for the company’s growth hormone eHealth initiatives. ... is head of the global business franchise, general medicine and endocrinology at Merck KGaA.

  • Toward an outcome Toward an outcome

    Toward an outcome. Disrupting the product-centred development cycle. Anyone working in the pharma industry over the last 15 years will have heard the phrase ‘power beyond the pill’ - a way ... If ‘power beyond the pill’has become a cliché it is

  • Deal Watch September 2016 Deal Watch September 2016

    Going beyond the pill: Verily Life Sciences creates a new diabetes joint venture with Sanofi. ... Celgene will be responsible for development costs for all indications from phase II clinical trials and beyond.

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  • How to measure marketing success: profit vs ROI

    What we really should be measuring are those long-term account-based metrics – building relationships, looking at the services beyond the pill that we can provide at Pfizer, looking at having ... practically 0% revenue growth for the 6 months prior) to

  • Localising digital services in healthcare: efficient and effective adaptation

    their services, helping you overcome the challenge of different regions with diverse markets and customers. ... Pharma companies are increasingly putting their marketing efforts into  digital services, tools, and apps that are ‘ beyond the pill’,

  • Blog: Wearables – The Technologist’s view

    Blog: Wearables – The Technologist’ s view. Patient insight is key to a successful solution. ... Pharmaceutical companies seeking to support patients “ beyond the pill” are excited by this opportunity.

  • The Biosimilar Challenge

    The Impact on Pharma. So, what can be done to offset the onslaught? ... We have already seen some originator brands cutting prices and making significant cuts to Beyond the Pill services to enable discounted prices.

  • Beyond the pill: How to improve the customer experience in pharma

    Beyond the pill: How to improve the customer experience in pharma. ... PharmiWeb Solutions finds that many of its pharma clients are looking to create a service layer to augment their core business, going ‘ Beyond the Pill’.

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