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business models

This page shows the latest business models news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Socially distanced strategising

Socially distanced strategising

Professor Brian D Smith is an authority on the pharmaceutical industry and works at SDA Bocconi University and Hertfordshire Business School. ... For someone like me who studies how strategies and business models evolve, the COVID lockdown has been as

Latest news

  • Evolving at home Evolving at home

    For example, my books consider how systeomic medicine, technology revolution and epidemiological shifts shape business models. ... The business environment selects for cooperative behaviour and delivering on promises, for example.

  • Awesome abstraction Awesome abstraction

    Business development deals and commercial operating models show the power of Generalised Darwinism. ... As with the business development leader, I began by explaining commercial models as adaptive traits, in the Darwinian sense, just like a giraffe’s

  • Pharma Brand Planners' Blog (Part 8) Pharma Brand Planners' Blog (Part 8)

    Keep it simple, logical and patient-based: apparently 80% of complex Excel business models have been shown to contain logic or numerical errors that would fundamentally affect senior management decision-making. ... Check your figures: don’t forget to

  • Blind man's buff Blind man's buff

    Biological evolution. Now, back to practical implications. Just as in biology, we tend to see changes in the industry as steps towards better business models. ... To illustrate that, just think how effective today’s digitally based business models

  • Edging Evolution Edging Evolution

    In my research, I’m interested in how it leads to new competitive strategies, organisational behaviours and business models in the life sciences industry. ... Evolution of your business model doesn’t have to be synonymous with slow change.

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Latest Intelligence

  • Driving the innovation engine Driving the innovation engine

    It challenges the business models employed by others. Google’s Android mobile operating system is one example – free of charge in a market where Apple and Microsoft demand a fee. ... Finally, we have ‘architectural’ innovation. It’s the hardest

  • The mission matters The mission matters

    But this freedom has its dangers. Even when they are given the same end objective, different functions and business units can chose to march in different directions. ... During the post-second world war decades, our entire industry evolved to thrive in

  • Entrepreneurial Winning Women Entrepreneurial Winning Women

    Establish key advisory networks: Establish relationships with other business leaders to secure advice and counsel. ... We recognise that access to successful role models and business-building networks is absolutely critical for entrepreneurs, especially

  • Assessing the risks in annuity pricing models Assessing the risks in annuity pricing models

    Manufacturers will need to restructure traditional business and revenue forecasting models or develop entirely new models based on reimbursement timelines. ... of long-term patient monitoring, the need to make reimbursement decisions based on very

  • Creating value from value-based healthcare Creating value from value-based healthcare

    Why pharma companies need to implement novel business models and more. ... The companies that are able to identify the systems and stakeholders willing to pay for both outcomes and savings on total costs will be able to implement novel business models,.

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Latest appointments

  • Huntingdon Life Sciences appoints Joseph Bedford Huntingdon Life Sciences appoints Joseph Bedford

    The job spans the company's contract research services (CRS) and research models services (RMS) business units, with responsibility for global marketing, business intelligence, strategic planning and some aspects of corporate

  • Lilly names head of corporate business development Lilly names head of corporate business development

    Promotion for Darren Carroll. Lilly has promoted Darren Carroll to senior VP of corporate business development. ... During his career at the company, Carroll has helped lead and create new business models for the firm including e-Lilly, InnoCentive,

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Latest from PMHub

  • Digital applications are transforming the market access landscape Digital applications are transforming the market access landscape

    Organisations are leveraging new technology to implement a wider range of business models and, in essence, drive market access success by working smarter, faster and with greater economy. ... Organisations can leverage this technology to implement a

  • What Pharma can learn from B2B digital trends

    The impact of digital has fundamentally changed business models across UK industries over the last 10 years. ... Today, they represent 35% of all workers. And their expectations of business communication is shaped from their B2C experience.

  • Practical Patient Centricity

    Our experience with a number of pharmaceutical companies highlights a range of approaches to this challenge, and in this paper we explore ways in which some are changing their business models ... These may be outside the current scope of the company’s

  • Digital trends in B2B sales - how far behind is Pharma?

    The impact of digital has fundamentally changed business models across UK industries over the last 10, or so, years. ... ATKearney states that “despite being an information-intensive industry, healthcare’s business model has remained strangely

  • Fresh thinking for the Porterhouse Medical Group

    Pharma is at a crossroads as companies look to evolve their business models.

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