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Climate change

This page shows the latest Climate change news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Getting the balance right

Getting the balance right

to take a step change in addressing issues related to climate change.

Latest news

  • Covidian selection Covidian selection

    COVID-19 will trigger a spurt of change in the life sciences industry and, perhaps, a brighter future. ... is the result of both slow climate change and fast cultural evolution.

  • The march to sustainability The march to sustainability

    If there was one unequivocal thing that marked 2019, it was the thrusting of climate change onto the world population’s radar. ... So hopefully we can all agree that doing something is better than doing nothing, whatever view we take on the direness of

  • Novo Nordisk targets renewable energy switch by 2030 Novo Nordisk targets renewable energy switch by 2030

    The Copenhagen-headquartered company wants to be a leader in the switch to renewable energy, as part of an urgent move away from fossil fuels that is needed to limit climate ... The issue has been highlighted by a growing climate change protest movement,

  • UK unveils new antibiotic buying plan, pharma incentives UK unveils new antibiotic buying plan, pharma incentives

    Economic Forum in Davos, where he said AMR is “as big a danger as climate change or warfare.and needs an urgent global response”.

  • Under pressure Under pressure

    is entirely context dependent, just like the selection pressures implied by climate change.

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Latest Intelligence

  • The role of women in science and technology The role of women in science and technology

    Science is at the forefront of humanity’s response to existential crises like climate change, technological disruption and, with specific relevance to pharma, the emergence of new diseases and treatment of

  • The roaring ‘20s and Generation Z The roaring ‘20s and Generation Z

    Strategy, craft and creativity are required when communicating about climate change, but also when talking about individual people’s lives. ... It’s a hugely positive change, but requires skill from an agency to manage the execution.

  • Allergies and asthma Allergies and asthma

    death from an allergic reaction. On top of that, the prevalence of allergic diseases and asthma is growing rapidly in parallel to risk factors that include urbanisation, industrialisation, pollution, climate change

  • Aiming high for women Aiming high for women

    Setting such lofty global goals “creates the momentum for change,” she says. ... 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • The AMR threat The AMR threat

    The AMR threat. “The threat of antimicrobial resistance is akin to climate change and, despite two and a half years of hard work by many people, we have not yet got

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Latest from PMHub

  • Taking steps to sustainability: Porterhouse celebrates achieving ISO 14001 certification

    As part of our mission to improve lives, we recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment and to do our part in preventing the escalation of the climate crisis. ... We are committed to reducing our environmental impact across all areas of

  • Travel in the time of COVID Travel in the time of COVID

    Combine Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEOs demanding more urgent climate action from all listed companies (2), with the cost cutting businesses have been able to achieve, business travel has ... Delayers, if not deniers of climate change, driving a race

  • NORD Rare Diseases Breakthrough Summit NORD Rare Diseases Breakthrough Summit

    Looking also at how the world has been mobilised in protesting against the disregard of climate change and inequalities based on skin colour also demonstrates that strength in numbers can drive ... Are we entering a new era of a Global voice towards

  • It's not just our logo that's green

    Being a Climate Positive Workforce means that:. Each Origins Insights employee’s entire carbon footprint is calculated, including their home and personal travel, holidays, food, and hobbies! ... Business travel carbon emissions for the team are also

  • Addressing Climate Impact: The Healthcare Paradox Addressing Climate Impact: The Healthcare Paradox

    For the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, the impact of climate change is twofold – responding to the increased risk of certain diseases and conditions and decarbonising their own processes and products to ... Andrew Harrison. Managing Director,

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