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Darwin's Medicine

This page shows the latest Darwin's Medicine news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch

Darwin's Medicine blog. ... To a scientist, empirical evidence is everything.It is said that Darwin conceived of evolution by natural selection some 20 years before he published it but spent that time gathering evidence,

Latest news

  • Big Pharma, Little Pharma Big Pharma, Little Pharma

    Evolution provides options for those firms that can’t be huge. " /. Evolution provides options for those firms that can’t be huge. " /. Darwin's Medicine blog. ... The company took a big risk when it bought Allergan’s dermatology portfolio.

  • Medtech's mixed-up monsters Medtech's mixed-up monsters

    Conglomerate medtechs only make sense in the light of evolution. " /. Conglomerate medtechs only make sense in the light of evolution. " /. Darwin's Medicine blog. ... That’s odd, as Asimov would say. That’s evolution, as Darwin would say.

  • Keytruda’s secret sauce Keytruda’s secret sauce

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... Keytruda’ s secret sauce. Merck’s position in oncology is about much more than a good product.

  • Malthus’ orphans Malthus’ orphans

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... Just as Darwin is the inspiration for my research, one of Darwin’s most important influences was Thomas Malthus, whose dire predictions have made his name an adjective.

  • Getting the sizing right Getting the sizing right

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... That’s why, to quote Haldane, the smallest creature in Spitzbergen is a fox.

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Latest Intelligence

  • Pharma’s coral reef Pharma’s coral reef

    And since new capabilities take time to evolve, it is anything but surprising, when looked at through the lens of Darwin’s great idea, that these holobiont management capabilities are not ... in my book Darwin’s Medicine.

  • Building the Future Building the Future

    Building the Future. Transforming your business model is difficult, but doable - here’ s how. ... This series of articles is based on Professor Smith's new book Darwin's Medicine: How Life Science Business Models are Evolving.

  • Under pressure Under pressure

    It is based on technologies, such as bioinformatics, gene sequencing, biomarkers and synthetic biology that make systems biology and systems medicine possible. ... The articles in this series are based on the forthcoming book Darwin's Medicine: The

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Latest intelligence

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