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Darwin's Medicine

This page shows the latest Darwin's Medicine news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Segmentation, evolved

Segmentation, evolved

Darwin's Medicine blog. ... However, what this is telling us is less about pricing and precision medicine and more about an evolutionary adaption to market conditions known as contextual segmentation.

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  • Digital shakeout Digital shakeout

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... model. In this case, Darwin’s brilliant idea is screaming at us about which digital health models will thrive while others, a majority, will become fossils in text books.

  • The secret of success The secret of success

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... Pfizer has fragmented itself. And of course Johnson &Johnson is everybody’s example of a network of independent companies in related markets.

  • 2018 by Darwin 2018 by Darwin

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... Whether they apply Darwin’s brilliant ideas to biology or to business, as my colleagues and I do, they will point out a very fundamental reason why their science doesn’t

  • Amazon’s invasion Amazon’s invasion

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... So, for most of the readers of this article, working in companies who invent and make medicine and medical technology, this might not seem an immediate or serious threat.

  • The great schism The great schism

    Darwin's Medicine blog. ... What’s not to celebrate about a drug that causes remission in 83% of the children who are its targeted patients?

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  • Pharma’s coral reef Pharma’s coral reef

    And since new capabilities take time to evolve, it is anything but surprising, when looked at through the lens of Darwin’s great idea, that these holobiont management capabilities are not ... in my book Darwin’s Medicine.

  • Building the Future Building the Future

    Building the Future. Transforming your business model is difficult, but doable - here’ s how. ... This series of articles is based on Professor Smith's new book Darwin's Medicine: How Life Science Business Models are Evolving.

  • Under pressure Under pressure

    It is based on technologies, such as bioinformatics, gene sequencing, biomarkers and synthetic biology that make systems biology and systems medicine possible. ... The articles in this series are based on the forthcoming book Darwin's Medicine: The

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