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Darwin's Medicine

This page shows the latest Darwin's Medicine news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Digital divergence

Digital divergence

And, as ever, Darwin’s dangerous idea does the job well. In fact, it provides two complementary explanations. ... However, it’s the routineome, not the genome, we need to work on.

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  • Blood will out Blood will out

    Among other things, he’s famous for the observation that ‘There is nothing so practical as a good theory’. ... The group’s leader asked what practical help management science could offer here, with a sceptical emphasis on the word ‘practical’.

  • Blind man's buff Blind man's buff

    I was reminded of this by a recent publication, in the British Journal of Medicine, about innovation in our industry. ... It’s up to us how much we deliberate and how much we waste.

  • The end of pharma The end of pharma

    Its not an esoteric debate: Wilson’s work, for example, helps to explain why and how we humans developed our altruistic habits. ... It is only surprising, in a science- based industry, that we don’t make more use of Darwin’s wonderful ideas.

  • Breaking the cookie cutter Breaking the cookie cutter

    No, the power of Darwin’s idea is that it is so widely applicable, both in theory and in practice. ... It’s better to channel their evolved traits in a more subtle way.

  • Why Marry? Why Marry?

    Darwin’s little list. This is where Darwin’s personal idiosyncrasies help us. ... Darwin’s list illustrates that the reasons for marriage are varied and idiosyncratic, in the sense of being case-specific.

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  • Pharma’s coral reef Pharma’s coral reef

    And since new capabilities take time to evolve, it is anything but surprising, when looked at through the lens of Darwin’s great idea, that these holobiont management capabilities are not ... in my book Darwin’s Medicine.

  • Building the Future Building the Future

    There are thousands of capabilities in a typical model's capabileome but most are common to most models. ... This series of articles is based on Professor Smith's new book Darwin's Medicine: How Life Science Business Models are Evolving.

  • Under pressure Under pressure

    It is based on technologies, such as bioinformatics, gene sequencing, biomarkers and synthetic biology that make systems biology and systems medicine possible. ... The articles in this series are based on the forthcoming book Darwin's Medicine: The

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COVID-19 Updates and Daily News

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Add my company Events and Exhibition Stands is one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand and event agencies, specialising in healthcare. We understand your communication goals,...

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