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drug safety

This page shows the latest drug safety news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

CAR-Ts Kymriah and Yescarta  step closer to approval  in Europe

CAR-Ts Kymriah and Yescarta  step closer to approval  in Europe

Both can be life-threatening and in some cases even fatal, although neither of the drug has produced any worrying safety signals since they were launched in the US. ... set up patient registries to monitor long-term safety and efficacy of the treatments.

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  • A new era of smart pharma A new era of smart pharma

    Blending Reportum with AI and Robotic tools affords pharma companies the opportunity to transform their end-to-end drug safety processes today. ... Medical adherence is being improved. Drug delivery technology has improved significantly in recent years.

  • Drug safety

    Healthcare terms - Drug safety.

  • Healthcare Glossary

    Double-blind trial. A clinical trial design in which neither the participating individuals nor the study staff know which participants are receiving the experimental drug and which are receiving either placebo ... Double-blind trials are thought to

  • The gold standard of scientific evidence The gold standard of scientific evidence

    Dr Basu supports using phase II clinical trials to determine drug safety and then replacing phase III clinical trials with only-in-research (OIR) labelling over a specified period (eg, two ... The FDA uses RWE to monitor drug safety as part of the

  • AI’s potential in the pharma life cycle AI’s potential in the pharma life cycle

    having. There is also important safety monitoring potential and drug feedback potential, as long as intelligent tools based on AI and machine learning are in the background offering companies what to ... possible, all of which could have a bearing on

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  • 21st Century Cures Act: a commercial perspective on how the new FDA regulation could revolutionise use of RWE and analytics in healthcare

    It brings numerous changes to the US drug development landscape, impacting patients, academia, research institutions, and industry. ... For years, the priorities of drug development programmes were to prove the safety and efficacy of a drug in a placebo

  • "Legal highs" ruling leaves illegal labs laughing

    Drug abuse is a massive medical and social problem in the UK, and it has been compounded by the availability of new psychoactive agents virtually everywhere. ... The recent court case leaves the issue in limbo, but it may also present an opportunity to

  • Pure Drug Safety Limited

    Pure Drug Safety Limited. We are a leading global pharmacovigilance provider offering detailed responsive solutions through strategic thinking to help 'Pharma make sense of Drug Safety'. ... Pure Drug Safety Limited.

  • Meet Recruitment

    We recruit professionals into Global Pharma, Biotech and CRO's, across Clinical Operations, Drug Safety, Medical, Data, Regulatory, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Healthcare Advertising, Medical Communications, PR and Digital, across client service,

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Developing advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry.
The importance of advocacy programmes...
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