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emotional intelligence

This page shows the latest emotional intelligence news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

How AI is transforming the way we collect market insights

How AI is transforming the way we collect market insights

It is a very real application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that has fast become an integral part of our daily lives. ... Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), developed by emotion measurement company Affectiva, can help detect

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  • The state of trust The state of trust

    Roche’s Seeruthun agreed. “Human contact and emotional intelligence is really important,” he explained, “I haven’t heard of a computer that can hold my hand. ... It’s human contact that blends intelligence and compassion. And I don’t think

  • Sharing the 'chimp' and its effect on decision-making Sharing the 'chimp' and its effect on decision-making

    Yet the world is not full of rational people. We all make decisions based on a mixture of rational and emotional factors. ... He contends that even though our Chimp exerts a powerful emotional pull on us, we can and must manage it.

  • Emotional connection helps build trust in pharma products

    For US physicians to build trust in a pharmaceutical brand there needs to be familiarity, function and also an emotional connection, according to Harris Interactive. ... in a product was dependent on its functional attributes, perception of the

  • Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence

    Emma Price wants nothing less than an emotional reaction. One campaign passes this litmus test, but one doesn’t…. ... Well, I'm not quite sure actually. When I look at pharma ads I try and gauge an emotional reaction – that's if the layout leaves

  • 2011 BOBI awards - winners and pictures

    The British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) has announced the winners of the 2010-11 Best of British Intelligence (BOBI) awards. ... Winner: Emotional intelligence: How understanding motivations helped Pfizer revitalise a 20 year

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  • The importance of co-creation with patients The importance of co-creation with patients

    Firstly, recognise that patients are human, with all the complexities that brings in terms of lifestyle, motivations, level of intelligence, emotional state and so on.

  • 30 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare 30 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare

    Sir Malcolm Grant, NHS England Chair, praised her experience, “energy and emotional intelligence to provide real leadership to the nursing and midwifery professions across the NHS in England” and said her ... Originally from Syria, Shaker earned her

  • Evidence-based Adherence Strategies Evidence-based Adherence Strategies

    These include clinical psychology, personal management, building high performing teams, behavioural change, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

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  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Pharma and Medical Affairs

    Emma Lynch, Founder of EQ Vibration &Quadrant 2 Medical, delves into a number of interesting topics such as the importance of emotional intelligence, patient-centric solutions, and adopting a growth mindset

  • Spirit Spirit

    With extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, and the emotional intelligence to make the complex compelling, we seamlessly combine science, creativity and humanity to ensure our clients’ innovations resonate, reaching the

  • Snowflake advertising in a burnt-out world

    This is not to say that we are all 'snowflakes', to use the somewhat insensitive term for people with high emotional intelligence but low resilience. ... We often omit the positive connection that completes the circuit, or the emotional connection that

  • Lucid Group Launch a Pioneering Leadership Programme for its Business Leaders

    Great companies start with great leaders. However effective leadership requires skill, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, on-going self-improvement.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Blended Learning in Healthcare

    Emotional Intelligence (EI), popularly defined as ‘the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour’ helps sales teams ... Emotional Intelligence and Blended Learning

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