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This page shows the latest ethnography news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Celgene launches 'edu-tainment' psoriasis awareness initiative

Celgene launches 'edu-tainment' psoriasis awareness initiative

To supplement that work, and further chart the patient experience, a home video ethnography project - P.S.LIVE - was created, where patients recorded insights into their life with psoriasis.

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  • Handle with care: patient-centric market research Handle with care: patient-centric market research

    Traditional ethnography, where one adopts a 'fly on the wall' approach and fully immerses themselves in a respondent's life is not to be undertaken lightly however.

  • Try co-creation for increased insights at less cost

    Take observation further. By contrast, ethnography (observation of customers or patients), an accepted approach for insight generation, is usually associated with a high price tag. ... Due to cost and time considerations, the pure approach of lengthy

  • Gaining a fuller picture

    Ethnography is recognised as a valuable form of consumer research for identifying emerging and unmet customer needs. ... Listening and learning. Xerox was one of the first companies to use applied ethnography globally.

  • Rich pickings

    Up close. Ethnography has its roots in the academic discipline of anthropology. ... Ethnography has the ability to dig deep and reveal the differences between these two perspectives in order to identify such things as:.

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  • Harnessing the power of ethnography in healthcare Harnessing the power of ethnography in healthcare

    What is ethnography? Ethnography is a term that originated in anthropology and refers to the systematic study of people and cultures by spending time living with them. ... Healthcare is obviously very different from the FMCG environment that first

  • Guiding decisions Guiding decisions

    Ethnography research. One of the approaches conducted more in recent years is ethnography research.

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  • Bedrock keep it in the family

    family…. During February, Bedrock were on location filming a ‘how-to’ video for their award-winning video ethnography work.

  • A unique tool for turning data into brand strategy

    Ethnography sessions also help us observe behaviours and formulate hypotheses on biases, while user testing uncovers real behaviours and validates solution design.

  • No Voice, No Choice

    They use a variety of traditional and digital methodologies including mobile ethnography and online communities.

  • New insights into making behavioural change work

    For this to happen, stakeholder insights cannot just be about asking consumers simple questions, but also observing their behaviours through the use of digital ethnography [6]. ... Available at: . Accessed February 2018.  6.      PMLiVE.

  • EphMRA 2017 round up

    covered ethnography and projective techniques as qualitative methodologies.

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