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This page shows the latest genomes news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

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  • Third time lucky? Sanofi cuts an $11.6bn deal to buy Bioverativ Third time lucky? Sanofi cuts an $11.6bn deal to buy Bioverativ

    Buying Bioverativ does give it a stake in advanced approaches for haematological diseases however, as the biotech has an established collaboration with Sangamo Therapeutics looking at genome-editing approaches to beta

  • 2018 by Darwin 2018 by Darwin

    This happens because the ‘organisational genome’, or to be technically specific, the organisational routineome, needed to run a mature brands business is different from that needed to run a novel therapies

  • UK trumpets life sciences post-Brexit ‘sector deal’ UK trumpets life sciences post-Brexit ‘sector deal’

    GSK said the new cash will expand its commitment to the UK Biobank gene sequencing effort – allowing all 500, 000 genomes to be sequenced – and will strengthen its ‘open targets’collaboration

  • First patient treated with Sangamo’s gene-editing tech First patient treated with Sangamo’s gene-editing tech

    It is “the first time that genome editing has been done inside a human body in an effort to change the DNA of a patient with a rare genetic disease”, according ... This targeted editing differs from gene therapy approaches in which genes are

  • The state of trust The state of trust

    If you map a patient’s genome and check that you have the medication that’s specific to them then you’ve suddenly got patients talking to pharma companies.

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Latest Intelligence

  • Integrating digital biomarkers into precision medicine Integrating digital biomarkers into precision medicine

    In many ways, this model parallels traditional biomarker development where, for example, blood samples can be collected early in clinical research to then support genome-wide association studies to detect genetic

  • Avoiding data pitfalls in clinical research Avoiding data pitfalls in clinical research

    This is a deceptively difficult task, but once patient IDs are matched within the clinical trial database, researchers have access to an analytical environment that ties together the entire genome, adverse ... With the terabytes and petabytes of data

  • Reactivating drug research programmes Reactivating drug research programmes

    One research-led breakthrough to hit the headlines involves the use of genome sequencing to isolate different strains of tuberculosis (TB), allowing the disease to be diagnosed more quickly. ... Just a decade ago, it would have cost many millions of

  • Deal Watch March 2017 Deal Watch March 2017

    Editas Medicine has entered a strategic R&D alliance where Allergan has exclusive access to Editas’s CRISPR genome-editing programmes in ocular health, as well as options to license up

  • A rare opportunity A rare opportunity

    The UK's 100, 000 Genome Project is a world-leading push to map the genomes of 100, 000 patients that have a rare disease, to try to understand what is ... Neil says his hope is for continued government investment in the 100, 000 Genome Project and that

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  • Value Genome LLC

    Value Genome LLC. Assisting mid to late stage clinical development prepare for their first commercialization specializing in market access strategies, medical affairs, health economics, pricing and reimbursement. ... Value Genome LLC.

  • Big data, privacy and the rise of genomic testing

    The cost of sequencing the entire human genome has dropped from $100M in 2001 to less than $1000 in 2014. ... The golden age of data. Experts predict up to  50 million genomes will be sequenced by 2022.

  • Marketing strategy in complex environments

    genome. With personalised medicine, products with defined patient populations are becoming increasingly prevalent and are transforming certain therapy areas into finely segmented markets.

  • What pharma needs to know about genomic data in 2016

    Since the  Genome Project started in 1990, genetics has been the “ great hope” of healthcare, promising to solve the great mystery of how illness and disease affect us on an individual

  • Medicines personalised for Tom, Dick and Harry

    Studies are currently being conducted on our genomes, our transcriptomes, our proteomes, our metabolomes and any other ‘ omes’ you can think of to try and answer such questions.

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